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By Rick Clark

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Every form of karate, tae kwon do, kung fu, or different martial paintings comprises the down block as a part of its kata, or types. The types are related sufficient that martial artists will realize them as down blocks, even if the explicit block seems diverse from their very own kind. Taken jointly, those blocks make up a "universe of hundreds" of alternative adaptations at the easy block

75 Down Blocks explores this universe to appear for the underlying rules universal to all down blocks.

Author Rick Clark examines seventy-five varied attainable adaptations at the simple down block—with examples on tips to use the down block to safeguard opposed to twelve types of attacks—from wrist grabs and punches to kicks and assaults with a stick.

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You need only cause momentary pain to the wrist to get him to bend forwa rd slightly. Then, by placing your hand on top of his head, you can direct his movement in the direction you wish. e 3-4: Your left hand begins to come back toward your waist as it pushes your opponent's head down and in front of your body. Figure 8-S: By moving your right hand forward and pulling your left hand back, you will cause your opponent to lose his balance and fall. This fa ll could be directed at several angles.

Anyone who has done any sparring will be able to recognize the major fault in this technique. You will not have time to "chamber" your left hand all the way back to your right ear and then block your opponent's kick. If you truly believe you can do this, simply ask a training partner to perform a front kick. You will find that it is very difficult to perform all of the motions and still block the kick. So, from my perspective, this is a low-level explanation and should not be given serious consideration.

However, as you turn, allow your forearm to begin to apply pressure on the little-finger side of your opponent's hand. Once your elbow passes over the top of your opponent's forearm begin to apply pressure toward the ground. Figures 1G-2a, 1G-2b, 1G-2c, and 1G-2d: Note how the position of the lock is similar to nikyo. Nikyo (sometimes Kikajo) is the Japanese term for one of five basic immobilization techniques used in aikido. Nikyo refers to the second of these techniques- the position of your opponent's wrist and arm forms an "$" shape, and pressure is applied to the wrist.

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