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Nicknamed the ‘Bluenosed Bastards of Bodney’ as a result of the garish all-blue noses in their P-51s, the 352nd FG used to be the most winning fighter teams within the 8th Air strength. Credited with destroying nearly 800 enemy airplane among 1943 and 1945, the 352nd accomplished fourth within the rating of all teams inside of VIII Fighter Command. first and foremost outfitted with P-47s, the gang transitioned to P-51s within the spring of 1944, and it was once with the Mustang that its pilots loved their maximum good fortune. a number of first-hand bills, fifty five newly commissioned works of art and one hundred forty+ pictures entire this concise heritage of the ‘Bluenosers’.

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X ~ A, define CeX) = {{H n X I H E C(r)} {HnXIHEC(A)} if X if X = (It I H = { {!!.. n ! 4) C(X)}. c(r)} C(An if X if X H-

B !. lay" ::;Cnye '. tA\ ) A 1 3: 0::::' « a. 4 How to determine the overgroups of members of C if7117r(G)1 if 17r(G)1 = Tn and Tn Our results concerning maximality apply only when n = dim(V) is at least 13, so we . adopt the hypothesis n ~ 13 in this section. The other notation carries over from before . 1 6. L 14 (9). Thus if G is for instance the (unique) group which satisfies G = (¢2,5 7 ), th,en G fixes [Hd and has two orbits of size three on t~e remaining six classes. 2) and the HG,i are the corresponding G-associates.

5). r, so that case L holds with n ~ 3. Here Hx = Nx(Hr)' and so Assume now that X 1:. ii occurs, it is cl{;r ~at Hx nIT 1i. ~ = H o' as desired. 6) ifG~r if G of type GL1(q) I 5 n in C2 and which this splits under the action of IT. This number will usually be called c, and thus we obtain a homomorphism from A to Sc, the symmetric group of degree c. Obviously IT i r. 6), I I and so H < N (H-) H r . " ::! HX,i . that equality holds _ that is H 1 e ('I' UI\ ever, It IS not 111 general true 1 neec not be the full normalizer of H- l' ' .

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